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Filter Housings

Changing filters the conventional way is far from convenient. It requires taking a housing out of operation, depressuring the housing, opening it, removing the cartridge, draining process liquid, disposing of the cartridge, loading a new cartridge, seating the cartridge, securely closing the top, and returning the housing to operation. And when filtering extremely hazardous or flammable liquids, there's an additional risk of injury.

Gone are those days because you can now use HousingSystems quick-connect disposable filter housings, economically making the disposal of your filters safe, clean, and fast. HousingSystems custom fits your filter requirements in lengths that range from 2" to 40", and can also help configure multiple filter set-ups if your specifications demand multiple filtering processes.

Conventional filter housings cost ten times more than HousingSystems products and require a 6 to 8 week lead time between placing the order and receiving the housing. HousingSystems can deliver its product within 2 weeks of receiving the filter element. Elements for conventional housings are less  expensive because they do not include a housing.

The patented, quick-connect manifold provides a variety of options to address all your filtering needs. By assembling different fittings, we can even accommodate specially designed, horizontal in line/flow thru systems. The in-line/flow thru assembly from HousingSystems relies on one valve to remove the filter from operation instead of the valving contained within the quick connect/disconnect mechanism. The in-line/flow thru assembly is less expensive and operates slower than the quick connection.

All components are manufactured from the highest quality NSF listed, FDA grade 100% polypropylene.

Manifold: RTP 0103 White (NSF/FDA) Glass Filled Polypropylene
End Caps: 100% FDA Listed Polypropylene
Extrusion: 100% FDA Listed Polypropylene
Bond: Hot Plate (VA 1015-P Forward Technology) 100% Polypropylene Weld
Cartridge Filter Seal: Double Knife Edge or 222 O-Ring
Housing Length: 2" to 40"
Pressure Rating: 125 PSIG (8.6 bar)
Temperature Rating: 125F (51.6C)
Burst Pressure: 400 PSIG
Top Ports: 3/4" MNPT
Bottom Ports: 1/4" MNPT
O-Ring Seal: EPDM or Viton
Notes: Filters are not to be used with aviation applications.

Please call 1-877-784-1212 for more information on how quick-connect disposable housings can help ease your workload!

Plastic Water Filter Housing

We offer a clear plastic housing for either residential or industrial applications. They are designed with a white polypropylene head and a clear styrene sump. The housings use industry standard elements with dimensions of 2 3/4" OD x 1" ID x 9 3/4" long, and a 3/4" inlet and outlet. Its maximum operating temperature of 1,250 F, and its maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI. Housings can be built with an optional pressure relief vent button.


Partial List of Available Elements

FMC # Media Micron Rating
01-1090 Paper 20
04-0062 Synthetic 1
04-0063 Synthetic 5
04-0064 Synthetic 10
04-0065 Synthetic 50
13-0008 Charcoal -

These housings replace those of many manufacturers and several OEMs. All elements are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.

Please call 1-877-784-1212 for pricing and availability.

Spin-On Heads

G&C offers a line of spin-on head for hydraulic and fuel applications. Please call 1-877-784-1212 for pricing and availability.

Hydraulic Spin-On Heads
Part No. Inlet/Outlet Sizes Gauge Ports Indicator By-Pass Valve
30-1135 3/4" No No No
30-0457 3/4" Yes No No
30-0458 3/4" No No 3 PSI
30-8435 1" No No No
30-1017 1" No No No
29-0087 1" Yes No No
30-0462 1" Yes No 3 PSI
30-0463 1" No No 25 P Si
30-0231 1" Yes No 25 PSI
30-8347 1" No No No
30-0634 1 1/4" No No No
30-0640 1 1/4" Yes No No
30-0644 1 1/4" Yes No 25 PSI
30-0649 1 1/2" Yes No 3 PSI
30-0651 1 1/2" Yes No 25 PSI


Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Spin-On Heads
Part No. Inlet/Outlet Sizes Descriptlon
30-1134 1 1/2" Single aluminum head
30-1103 1 1/2" Double aluminum head
30-1135 3/4" Single aluminum head
30-8435 1" Single aluminum head
33-9178 - Cast ironcap off
30-0824 3/4" Cast iron head
30-1027 1" Cast ironhead
32-5615 1 1/2" Cast ironhead
35-1039 1" Cast ironhead
35-0140 1" Insert
35-0147 1" Nickel plated cast
35-0151 3/4" Nickel plated cast


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